Traditional Italian Gelato
the way it should be

What does it take to make good Italian gelato? Genuine ingredients, the skills learnt through a long established experience, and overall a burning passion for the art of frozen desserts.

This is the story of Il Gelato di Bruno: over thirty years of sheer gelato passion, and today you can be part of that story too.


Over 30 years ago the gelato chef Bruno dedicated his life to the art of frozen desserts. Thanks to his experience, passion and innovative flair combined with his work, Bruno created a sublime line of recipes for gelato and pastry, where flavors and seasons are united in complete harmony.

“il GELATO di BRUNO” now enjoys an extraordinary success, and its secrets were handed down from generation to generation, preserving the ancient art well loved by adults and children alike. Homemade in our premises, our gelato and pastry products are prepared daily using the freshest ingredients such as milk, fruit and cream and the best selected Italian products, so you can enjoy true and refreshing flavors, smooth and intense, made right in front of your eyes!


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Thanks to MEC3 support, “il GELATO di BRUNO” opened its first subsidiary in Bologna, and its success was immediate, the first in a long series…


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10 years have passed since then and “il GELATO di BRUNO” has earned a leading role on the global Gelato scene, turning into the sweetest business opportunity for investors willing to grow.

Today we are happy to celebrate
its success and share with you.

What is Gelato di Bruno

Il Gelato di Bruno is so much more than a franchise. We created a flexible concept store, designed for entrepreneurs who look forward to growth

It starts with a Flagship Store, an all-in-one box with a complete offer including take-away gelato, sundaes, gelato pastry and much more.

Once your Flagship Store has been deployed, it will be able to serve a number of subsidiaries, enabling you to grow your chain further. 


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Your adventure in the world of gelato starts with one store enabling you to grow to an entire chain.


The Flagship Store is composed of different modules that can be deployed separately in each of its subsidiaries: take away, sundaes, sticks, cakes, coffee, you choose how to create your child stores.


Maximize your investment by growing a sales network that adapts to your needs. Seize new opportunities and bring your gelato right where your customers are.

What We Offer

Study of the area
Feasibility study project, rendering
and technical advice

Customized price list and starter kit
Operating manual
Personalized marketing
Professional training and updates

30 years of experience in the market
Producers of ingredients
Research and Development of
innovative and technological systems
Development of high quality Italian products

Why Become a Gelato Maker

Global market in great expansion.

Prestige and credibility of the “Made in Italy” in the food industry.

Top quality natural product, innovative and rich in flavour.

Universal target: everybody loves it, kids, teenagers and adults as well.

Highly distinctive and individual store.

Limited starting investment in machinery and human resources.

Maximum sales profit per sqm.

MEC3, an expert, reliable and motivated partner.

A professional team of Gelato Chefs at your disposal.

Our Flavors

Our products are homemade with the best selected and natural raw material. Some flavors are not on the menu but may be added by our gelato chefs from time to time.

Each mix can be matched according to your special desires and feelings… You can make any combination you wish, just choose the gelato flavor and the topping you want…

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